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Radiator Recoring

Learn about radiator recoring and stop by GT Radiator Repair to have your radiator recored. We're in Ambler, PA - not far from Fort Washington, PA or Gwynedd, PA.

What is a Radiator Recore Service?

Recoring refers to replacing the core in a radiator . This is advisable when a radiator has too many leaks to make a repair possible or to confirm that the repair will last to justify the time and cost of a repair.

The core of the radiator is the center portion that is made up of the tubes that the coolant passes through and the fin material that attracts the heat away from the tubes in order to reduce the temperature of the coolant before it returns to the engine.

When the tubes and fins have been externally damaged, or corroded beyond repair or blocked from rust or other debris, replacement of the core is the next step in restoring the radiator to its original ability to cool the engine. Rust or corrosion in the cooling system can block the tubes preventing coolant to flow through the radiator for proper cooling. Other external elements such as road salt, dirt, chemicals, etc. can cause the fins and tubes to deteriorate beyond repair.

Radiator Recore Service in Ambler, PA

Recoring the radiator involves removing the tanks and side panels from the old core. If the tanks are soldered onto the core, the solder is heated and removed from around the tank-to-header joint in order to remove them from the core. Soldered on tanks are then glass beaded to remove paint and dirt in order to prep them to be resoldered onto the new core. The tanks are that clamped onto the header of the new core to ensure a tight fit and seam. The area of the tank where it sits on the header is then fluxed and solder is flowed into the seam to seal the tank to the header.

Larger trucks and heavy equipment radiators have tanks that are bolted to the headers of the core. Tanks and side panels are unbolted and removed from the core. Dirt, rust and sludge are cleaned from inside the tanks. The old gasket material that seals the tank to the core is scraped from the gasket surfaces. The tanks are they prepped with new gaskets and rebolted onto the new core.

The reassembled radiator is then pressure tested and repainted to look and function like a new radiator once again.

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