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Medalist Tires

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GT Radiator Repair is proud to offer Medalist tires to Ambler, PA, Fort Washington, PA, and Gwynedd, PA at some of the lowest prices around. GT Radiator Repair helps customers find the right Medalist tires for their car or truck at the right price that fits their budget. Give us a call at (215) 628-3729 today and we will work with you to find the right Medalist tires for your car. Or you can contact us online. Remember GT Radiator Repair is the number one Medalist tire dealer in Ambler, Pennsylvania and also offers great deals providing Ambler, PA auto repair services. Not sure which tire is right for your car then use our online tire catalog.

Medalist Tire is a branch of Michelin Tire Company, the second largest tire company in the world. Devoted to excellence, Michelin uses high tech science and engineering to guarantee a quality product that the customer will continue to buy. Michelin believes they must respect customers, people, and the environment. With more then 110 years of experience, Michelin and Medalist Tire have been extremely conscious of customer relations. Medalist produces a variety of all-season tires including: Primera A/S, Cientra Plus, Trail A/P, and the Sport King A/T Tire Series.

An excellent tire produced by Medalist for all-season use is the Primera A/S series tire. This outstanding all-season tire has fantastic handling, with superior comfort. Developed with deep circumferential grooves, the Primera has rapid water excavation, improving handling in wet conditions that eliminates the potential for hydro-planing. High performance is not the only thing the Primera A/S has, comfort is also a key feature of the tire series. A computer-phased variable pitch tread design provides a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride on any road surface. The Primera A/S is M/S rated with an S&T rating for top speeds.

The Cientra Plus Tire Series is a great all-season tire that features a computer-generated all-season tread design, giving the tire excellent traction, hydro-planing resistance, and long tread life with even tread wear. See through circumferential grooves were incorporated in the design for enhanced water excavation to improve wet road traction. The Cientra Plus Tire Series is M/S rated, making it a great tire for any season.

Another superior all-season tire series from Medalist is the Trail A/P. This tire features an aggressive all-season tread pattern that hugs the road even in the worst conditions for an all-season and safe driving experience. A special Mold Profile Technology delivers great tread life, and a polyester casing and steel belts improve durability to reduce punctures and bruising on rough road surfaces. An M/S rating is given to the Trail A/P, allowing drivers to be safe in all four seasons.

For a great on and off-road tire that can be used all-seasons is the Medalist Sport King A/T. The King A/T features an all weather, and terrain tread design that gives the tire great traction whether the driver is on or off road. Square Shoulders with open grooves give the tire unbelievable road traction, which eliminates hydro-planing. The King A/T features polyester cord body and twin steel belts that give the tire a comfortable and easy ride with long and even tread wear.

Light Trucks can also be fitted with a quality tire series from Medalist. The Mud King XT is an all terrain tire developed with an open tread pattern that gives the tire incredible performance on or off road. Similar to the other tire series from Medalist, the Mud King has a polyester and steel cord interior system that gives the Mud King even tread wear, allowing for extended life. The Mud King XT has stud pin capabilities, and a rugged exterior to give the tire dependability, and driver confidence.

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