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Radiator Repairs

If you need your radiator repaired, visit GT Radiator Repair in Ambler, PA. If our name didn't give it away, we're a team of radiator specialists. Learn more about radiators now, and take a drive over when you need one fixed. We're not far from Fort Washington, PA or Gwynedd, PA.

Radiator Repairs, Automobiles, Light Trucks, SUV’s

Years ago the most common radiator was manufactured using metals such as copper & brass. These “metal” radiators were held together by soldering the tanks to the cooling core. The most common cause of radiator leaks were cracked solder joints or damage to a tube in the radiator core. Repairs of these leaks involved using a propane fired torch and a roll of wire solder to resolder the joints. Radiators were able to be acid cleaned to remove rust & sludge build up inside and remove dirt and paint from the outside in order to make repairs possible.


Today’s radiators are now constructed of mostly aluminum and plastic. Yes I said plastic!

The core of the radiator continues to be built with metal, that being the aluminum. But technology has advanced such, that plastic can be molded into the form of the tank shape necessary to fit each vehicle’s specific application. The plastic tank is “crimped” onto the header plate at each end of the core and is sealed to the core using a rubber gasket.

The most common cause of radiator failure in today’s high tech vehicles is electrolysis. Today’s cars and trucks are now equipped with electric motors, sensors and task-specific microprocessors. These “gadgets” are complicated, but necessary for the proper operation of the functions of today’s sophisticated vehicles. These “gadgets” have created a whole new cause of radiator & cooling system failures.

Electrolysisoccurs when electrical current form these switches & sensors travels through the engine’s coolant in search of electrical ground. This electrical current will eventually cause many small “pinhole” leaks in the radiator core and/or radiator tanks.

Repairs to these new plastic tank and aluminum core radiators are possible in cases where the metal or plastic have not been too compromised by the electrolysis. Use of aluminum welding and special epoxies developed by the radiator industry is some of the means of making repairs to these radiators.

If the radiator material is too compromised to accept a permanent repair, then the radiator must be replaced to provide a properly operating cooling system.

Radiator Repairs, Heavy Duty Trucks, Construction Equipment, Stationary & Mobile Power Units

Most of these radiators are still constructed using copper and brass for the cores and either brass or steel for the tanks and side panels.

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