Electric Motor Services

At GT Radiator Repair, we both rebuild electric motors and sell replacement electric motors. We have alternators, generators, starters, and electric motors for cars, trucks, construction equipment, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, and marine equipment. We invite you to visit us in Ambler, PA when you have a motor in need of service.

Our shop isn't far from Fort Washington, PA or Gwynedd, PA, and our services include:

  • Alternator Replacement
  • Generator Replacement
  • Starter Replacement
  • Electric Motor Replacement
  • Alternator Rebuild
  • Generator Rebuild
  • Starter Rebuild
  • Electric Motor Rebuild

For pricing and availability of replacement motors, please contact us. You can stop in when you're around the area, reach us over the phone, or communicate with us online to learn more.

Alternator Replacement and Rebuilding

The alternator is responsible for keeping a vehicle's battery charged. Your alternator is also responsible for powering up the electrical system. Dim lights and dead batteries could be signs of alternator trouble. In the case that you need a replacement alternator or would like to rebuild your alternator, visit us.

Generator Replacement and Rebuilding

When bad weather knocks out the electricity for everyone else, you're still in a bright mood thanks to your generator. While it worked well for a long time, however, there's no longer the same spark as there once was. In fact, it's not working for you at all now. You can keep your spirits up by having your generator replaced to rebuilt at our shop.

Starter Replacement and Rebuilding

Your starter has a very important role from which it derives its name - it starts your engine. When this essential electric motor goes, give our team a visit. We can replace or rebuild your starter so it keeps your vehicle running.

If you have an electric motor and are curious about whether we can rebuild or replace it, contact us. We're able to work with a lot of different motors.

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