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Gas Tank Sealer

Gas Tank Coating in Ambler, PA

In garages and storage centers across the country, you'll find vintage vehicles and new motorcycles waiting to hit the road.

Maybe you'd like to retire your motorcycle for the winter season, or you might be the owner of a classic car that makes its rounds at car shows but otherwise stays behind the scenes.

Whenever you're going to store your vehicle, it's important to take proper precautions. While your vehicle is taking a break, rust isn't and can be a real killer if it destroys your gas tank.

Gas Tank Sealer in Ambler, PA

You might not think about your gas tank much, save for when it's time to fill up at the pump, but it's especially susceptible to rust. Think about it. There's plenty of moisture in there, and old gasoline can contaminate it. When you store your antique vehicle or motorcycle without proper gas tank protection, you're inviting trouble.

At GT Radiator Repair, we like putting an end to trouble, whether it's for your car or bike. We have a gas tank sealer service available that prevents rust and protects your investment.

Our Gas Tank Sealer Service

When you visit us about adding a seal to your gas tank, we do the following:

  • Chemically clean inside the gas tank to remove old contaminated gas
  • Acid etch inside the gas tank to remove loose rust & scale
  • Chemically prep gas tank inside for polymer coating
  • Line inside of gas tank with polymer coating to form a membrane over the metal that will never rust, crack, chip, or peel

You don't want to open the doors to take your vehicle out only to discover the gas tank is rusted. Don't put yourself in the position. One stop. One service. Get it at GT Radiator Repair and get going.

Visit us in Ambler, PA. If you have any questions about adding a sealant to your gas tank, contact us. You can meet with us in person, speak with us on the phone, or contact us to learn more.

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